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Sally Rogers
32 pages; 9 X 10.75
ages 3 to 7
ISBN: 0525458735

Warm illustrations and the rhythm of a traditional song carry an important reminder for new generations "In the North Atlantic Ocean 'neath the Arctic sun, Lived a mom and papa right whale and their whale calf one. Blow! said the mom. I blow! said the one. And they blew and they spouted 'neath the Arctic sun." Read it. Sing it. Enjoy it. Learn from it.

This picture book for the preschool set, based on acclaimed singer-songwriter Sally Rogers' popular song Over in the Endangered Meadow, offers a host of pleasures. Its rhyming text, which revolves around dialogue between parents and their offspring, both human and animal, can be read aloud and also sung to the traditional tune Over in the Meadow.

As the words roll along, the book proves to be a glimpse of animal families and a counting vehicle wrapped into one. In addition to the right whale, ten other endangered animals are named: panda bear, Bengal tiger, Asiatic lion, black-footed ferret, sun conure, Gila monster, leatherback turtle, gray wolf, American crocodile, and Indian python. Notes at the back give additional information.

Children will enjoy how the warmly stylized art brings all the animals into a quilt that symbolizes the unity of everything on Earth. Share! said my grandpa. Let's share this place./And take care of Mother Earth as she spins through space.

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